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Our Family’s mission

Welcome Spartan family and I hope all are enjoying a successful season. Our mission is to show that we are the absolute #1 parish by priding ourselves on sportsmanship, integrity and respect for our players, coaches and officials. How we conduct ourselves is a direct reflection of our parish. Our professional conduct is also a great teaching moment for our children. 

Calling all volunteers...

We need your help with our upcoming major fundraisers and events. Please click the button below to sign up for these events. Signing up is quick and easy from your phone, computer or laptop. Responsible high school students are welcome to join and will have their community service hours signed logged. 

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

2019 Sacred Heart Gym Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4-530 3:30-5 3:30-5 3:30-5 4-5p 9-1030
6th Boys A 3rd Boys A 3rd Boys A 6th Boys A Biddy Girls 5th Girls
530-7 5-6:30 5-6:30 5-6:30 5-630 1030-12
1st Boys 4th Boys A 5th Boys A 7th Boys A Not Open 8th Boys A
8-930 6:30-8 6:30-8 6:30-8 12-130
8th Boys A 6th Girls 4th Girls 5th GirlsA 4th Boys B
8-9:30 8-9:30 8-9:30 130-300
7th Boys A 7th Girls A 6th Girls Open

2019 SACRED HEART PS 45 Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6-730 6-730 6-730 6-730
3rd Girls A 3rd Boys B 4th Boys B 5th Boys A
730-9 730-9 730-9 730-9
8th Girls A 6th Boys B 3rd Boys B 8th Girls A

2019 SACRED HEART PS 13 Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6-730 6-730 6-730 6-730
8th Boys B 2nd Boys 4th Boys A 4th Girls A
730-9 730-9 730-9 730-9
7th Girls A Open Open 8th Boys B

Sacred Heart CYO Boundaries

Sacred Heart CYO Boundaries-Click map for eligibility

State Champions


Sacred Heart School-Champions off & on the court!!!

Sacred Heart is outperforming NY City and NY State public schools. Sacred Heart School’s NYS test scores for grades 3 - 8 have surpassed the percentages of 3's & 4's of our SI public schools and NY state schools. Click on the picture below to check out our school.

Click picture to learn more about Sacred Heart School

We now accept VENMO payments for Basket-Ball Bash tickets, Sacred Heart Apparel and the Heart Cafe.


Venmo us @SacredHeart-Basketball


Social Media and communications

Follow us on Instagram, download the Sport Engine App on iPhone/Android to receive important messages or communicate with the coordinator. Click icons below.


Sacred Heart Basketball Staten Island, NY  
301 North Burgher Avenue  
Staten Island, NY 10310  
Loren Wiese